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ChoiceMLS - a new & exciting innovation
Until now, publishing listings on an MLS has meant sharing everything,
with everyone, and with a fixed fee split.


ChoiceMLS is a new platform for sharing listings with (or from) chosen business partners without the expense or complication of IT development.

Which of these would you like to achieve?
  • Earn from other agents’ properties on your website?

  • Share your properties on other agents' websites?

  • Generate leads from your friendly property-related businesses like mortgage brokers, conveyancers, surveyors etc by displaying your listings on their sites?

  • Bring together all the properties from all your branch offices into one website without the usual IT cost?

  • Become a national or international property portal

It’s as simple as adding a snippet of code to your website

ChoiceMLS makes it simple and inexpensive to share listings with, or from, your chosen 'partner(s)'.

  • No mandatory reciprocal arrangements
  • Freedom to arrange your own fee-split, partner by partner
  • Clutter-free white label presentation with search filter
  • No expensive website development
  • Every enquiry delivered straight to your inbox with a cc to the relevant partner
  • Partner with as many (or as few) agents or businesses as you wish
  • Partner with agents local to you or on the other side of the world
  • Simple admin area to accept, monitor & manage your partnerships
  • With many partners, create your own portal
  • Low monthly subscription
  • Register or log into your XML2U account
  • Create your ChoiceMLS from within the admin area
  • Add the automatically generated single-line of code to your website
  • Invite a partner to share their listings with you (you can agree terms direct with them)
  • The partner adds their XML2U feed* to your ChoiceMLS
  • You approve the partner within your account and their listings appear on your site
  • Repeat with as many 'partners' as you wish

See An Example ChoiceMLS Here

See Another Example ChoiceMLS Here

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