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ChoiceMLS - a new & exciting innovation
Until now, publishing listings on an MLS has meant sharing everything,
with everyone, and with a fixed fee split.


ChoiceMLS is a new platform for sharing listings with (or from) chosen business partners without the expense or complication of IT development.

Which of these would you like to achieve?
  • Earn from other agents’ properties on your website?

  • Share your properties on other agents' websites?

  • Generate leads from your friendly property-related businesses like mortgage brokers, conveyancers, surveyors etc by displaying your listings on their sites?

  • Bring together all the properties from all your branch offices into one website without the usual IT cost?

  • Become a national or international property portal

It’s as simple as adding a snippet of code to your website

ChoiceMLS makes it simple and inexpensive to share listings with, or from, your chosen 'partner(s)'.

  • No mandatory reciprocal arrangements
  • Freedom to arrange your own fee-split, partner by partner
  • Clutter-free white label presentation with search filter
  • No expensive website development
  • Every enquiry delivered straight to your inbox with a cc to the relevant partner
  • Partner with as many (or as few) agents or businesses as you wish
  • Partner with agents local to you or on the other side of the world
  • Simple admin area to accept, monitor & manage your partnerships
  • With many partners, create your own portal
  • Low monthly subscription
  • Register or log into your XML2U account
  • Create your ChoiceMLS from within the admin area
  • Add the automatically generated single-line of code to your website
  • Invite a partner to share their listings with you (you can agree terms direct with them)
  • The partner adds their XML2U feed* to your ChoiceMLS
  • You approve the partner within your account and their listings appear on your site
  • Repeat with as many 'partners' as you wish

After the Free Trial

With a 90-day free trial you have every opportunity to evaluate the facility. After that there’s a very modest subscription of £7.50 a month for each partner’s listings feed added to your ChoiceMLS, plus £7.50 a month for each additional website on which you publish the ChoiceMLS. There will be no charge to the partner to add their properties to your website but they will need an XML2U feed to integrate their listings. *If they don’t yet have a feed, they can get one here.

See An Example ChoiceMLS Here

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