Dragonstack has stopped its feed service.
XML2U will create a replacement feed for you in less than 48 hours.

Where would you like your listings to go?

XML2U feeds are accepted by more portals, classifieds, verticals, social media, apps and other marketing platforms around the world than any other feed.

One feed is all you'll need. Just look at some of the 1000+ marketing platforms we work with.

How it works ... (the short version)
  1. You order your feed by completing a simple form
  2. We configure our software to collect your listings
  3. We convert the listings into a data feed
  4. You decide where you want the feed sent

More detailed version

What can go into an XML2U feed?

Real estate, cars, motorbikes, boats, jobs, mobile phones, accessories, handbags.

In fact, pretty much anything you can think of.

What could you use your XML2U feed for?

Will you be pleased with what we do?

Try Googling "We partner with feed creator XML2U.com" (use the " marks to get an exact match). You'll find thousands of links from portals and marketing platforms all over the world that are very happy to refer their clients to our services.

What does an XML2U
feed cost?

From just £24 / 27€ / US$30 per month, to include daily updates and no long contracts.

Price Details.

PricesExpand your horizons with 

Reach new markets with an effort-free and affordable XML2U feed.

Ready to Order?

Recent additions to the 1000+ marketing platforms which now accept XML2U data feeds:


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